MGFWS Offers Value for You!

The Master Gardener foundation of Washington State (MGFWS) recently refined its direction to fuel the state’s programs:

Our mission is to share best practices with foundations and support the State Master Gardener Conference.

The Master Gardener Foundation of Washington State (MGFWS) is a nonprofit corporation formed by dedicated WSU Master Gardeners to support advanced scientific gardening education of colleagues, all of whom make a difference in the state. This Mission supports the WSU Extension Master Gardener Program in its efforts to provide public education in gardening and environmental stewardship generated from research at WSU and other university systems through education, communication, and advocacy. The Foundation’s purpose is to offer statewide volunteer-based unifying leadership to, and communication among, county and regional WSU Master Gardener Program, Foundations, and affiliates.

The MGFWS enhances the ability of the WSU Master Gardener Program to support the training and projects of county WSU Master Gardener programs throughout Washington State. It is a professional organization respected by Washington State University, politicians, gardeners, agencies protecting our environment and water, and by communities at large.

The membership of the MGFWS consists of the members of chartered chapters of county Master Gardener organizations, either incorporated or non-incorporated, and Board-approved affiliate organizations. For more information on membership and affiliate organizations see the Bylaws (Click HERE)

What's In It For Me?

  • MGFWS has always partnered with WSU Extension and county foundations to sponsor the Advanced Education Conference as its primary mission providing guidance and upfront financial assistance.
  • Now financing MGFWS is sharing in both profits and losses with sponsoring county foundations as well as actively
    participating in running the conference.
  • Further MGFWS is committed to raising funds to ensure the financial stability and longevity of the Washington State Advanced Education MG Conference because Master Gardeners have a profound positive impact on Washington residents and our environment.
  • MGFWS is dedicated to increasing financial assistance to the State Master Gardener Conference by building an Endowment to provide perpetual funds. Representatives from each chartered chapter meet quarterly to share information about issues, projects, and fund-raising activities.
  • MGFWS has a dynamic board, MG’s who have founded an Endowment and committed to raising $2 million dollars to perpetually fund the lion’s share of conference costs to ensure that advanced education is always available to the dedicated Master Gardeners of Washington State.
  • We invite you to participate in helping us achieve, indeed exceed, our goals and dreams to help preserve Washington State’s natural beauty by teaching as much science to gardeners as possible.
  • MGFWS provides networking opportunities between and among members of Master Gardener organizations from many counties. Representatives from each chartered chapter meet at least quarterly to share information about issues, projects, and fund-raising activities. Meetings are open to all.
  • Seeds for Thought is the MGFWS quarterly newsletter for sharing best practices, MG accomplishments throughout
    the state, continuing education opportunities, plant sales and other events. Contact Erin Landon, Editor
  • The MGFWS listserv, web page, and social media provide additional means of sharing information of common
    interest such as best practices, continuing education and plant sales. Contact Rachel Lewman for social media and Don Enstrom for website content.
  • You are encouraged to utilize this web page and offer additional informational resources to benefit members of Master Gardener non-profits statewide.
  • Van Bobbitt Scholarship
  • Mary Robson Scholarship
  • Ed LaCrosse Service Award
  • Master Gardener of the Year
  • Media Award
  • Share shaping MGFWS’s direction as the representative from your county on the Board of Directors.
  • Enhanced statewide support of the WSU Master Gardener Program. The real advantage is our statewide presence which helps shape the direction of WSUs program with our continued support. We can accomplish a great deal more by together. And we enjoy doing it!