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2017 Information on Scholarships Offered by the Master Gardener Foundation of Washington State
One of the purposes of the Master Gardener Foundation of Washington State (MGFWS) is education. Each year the MGFWS offers two scholarships to enable Washington State students to pursue study in horticulture and its related fields.
The Mary Robson Scholarship
of $1,000 is offered to a student already enrolled in the Agriculture Department at Washington State University. The recipient of this scholarship is determined by the department at WSU.

The Van Bobbitt Scholarship
of $1,000 is offered to a high school senior or other student entering college to pursue the study of horticulture and its related fields. The recipient of this scholarship is determined by the Scholarship Committee of the Master Gardener Foundation of Washington State. A person may receive the scholarship only once and must meet the following requirements.
Application Process for the Van Bobbitt Scholarship for 2017
Applicant must be:
Sponsored by a Washington state county Master Gardener Program. Accepted by a recognized accredited college/university. Planning a course of study in horticulture or related fields.
To apply, submit the following:
The completed application cover sheet. A copy of grade transcripts plus GPA. A one- or two-page essay on your choice of vocation or profession, how you have planned for the future and how your education will influence that future.
A summary of your activities and service to your family, your school and your community. This summary should include any awards or honors received and may be submitted as a résumé. At least two (2) letters of recommendation (one preferably from an instructor).
Criteria for the Scholarship:
Applications will be judged at the county and state level on the basis of:
Essay on Choice of Profession or Vocation
25 points
Evidence of Planning for the Future
25 points
Academics (Showing Interest in Horticultural Areas)
20 points
5 points
Activities & Service
25 points
Total Points
100 points
Contact your local county Extension Master Gardener Program to see who coordinates the Scholarship committee. You can find information about your county at

Submit the required items to the scholarship coordinator in your county. If your county does not have a Master Gardener Program, you may submit your application to the Master Gardener Program of a neighboring Washington county. Use the Application Cover Sheet below or a copy from your county or school office. The deadline for submission to the County committee is
May 2, 2017.

A County scholarship committee will screen applicants. Only one applicant from each county per year can be submitted to the State level. The selected application will be forwarded to the Master Gardener Foundation of Washington State Scholarship Committee for final selection. A representative for the county must sign the application.
Other Details
The MGFWS Scholarship Committee will meet after May 2nd to make its decision. The winner will be announced after the decision has been made.

After the selected recipient provides proof of registration to the MGFWS, scholarship monies will be sent directly to the college/university cashier’s office in the recipient’s name.

2017 Van Bobbitt Scholarship Application Cover Sheet